Titan Missile Museum

Revisit the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union by paying a visit to the Titan Missile Museum, a preserved Titan II missile site near Tucson, Arizona. Known as complex 571-7, this site is the only one that remains from the original 54 that were on alert across America for 25 years beginning in 1963, which is now a national landmark. Discover multiple tour options that offer insight as to how the United States used the largest operational nuclear warhead ever to deter war. Get a glimpse at what was once top secret, and visit this one-of-a-kind museum that brings history to life.

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  • Hours

    • Winter hours: Sundays - Fridays: 9:45 am to 5 pm | Saturdays: 8:45 am to 5 pm
    • Summer hours:Sundays - Fridays: 9:45 am to 4 pm | Saturdays: 8:45 am to 5 pm


    • Adults – $15.50
    • Seniors - $14.50
    • Juniors (5-12) - $12.00
    • Children (0-4) - $1.00


    • Titan Overnight Experience
    • Titan Top-to-Bottom Tours


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    • Tours
    • Museum Store
  • FAQs

    • What tours does the Titan Missile Museum offer?

      As of today, there are 5 different tour options available at the Titan Missile Museum. Take your pick from the one-hour guided tour, which is the basic option, to the Directors Tour led by the museum's director, the Beyond the Blast Door Tours and Titan Top-to-Bottom Tours, which is 5-hours long. All of them feature such highlights as the underground launch control center and a simulated missile launch. For those that want the full experience, the Titan Overnight Tour lets visitors sleep underground on site.After the tour, browse the Museum Store for Titan II and civil defense memorabilia, such as pocket dosimeters for detecting radiation and Titan II launch key replicas. You will also find unique toys, books, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats for sale.
    • Does the Titan Missile Museum have activities for kids?

      Absolutely. Kids will have an opportunity to become a Junior Missileer. All that’s required is completing the games and activities found in the Junior Missileer Booklet. Once they do, they’ll be the recipients of a Junior Missileer Badge and Certificate. You can download the fun and educational Junior Missileer Booklet here

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